Monday, 1 November 2010

Magma reviewed

Magma reviewed by Stuart Ian Burns after visiting the Liverpool Biennial. 

"...This trailer offers just a flavour of what is one of my favourite pieces 
of the Biennial. 

In Magma, a group of girls portray what might be futuristic nuns lost on 
a kind of manic retreat in the wilderness (or the Faroe Islands) taking 
part in a ritual that looks like it has the capacity to shake the foundations 
of the planet. After a time, some kind of initiation ceremony takes place, 
perhaps suggesting the moment when a girl becomes a woman, but it's 
not clear. Nothing's clear, but for once, because the imagery is so 
mesmerising both in terms of editing and lighting, I don't care, I just let it 
wash over me..." 

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